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Volume 1 Issue 1                                                                                                       Spring 2010





  Welcome to the first edition of Transformations, a KS Restorations & Home Improvements newsletter that will be distributed several times a year.  Its purpose is threefold: 1) to provide you with succinct information that will help you with your next home improvement/house beautification project; 2) to keep you informed of our latest accomplishments; and 3) to answer any remodeling questions you may have.  Whether you are a ‘do it yourselfer’ or in need of professional assistance, KS Restorations and Transformations will surely help get you on your way.

  Our first issue will focus on improvements to your home that will increase its value – whether you are planning to sell now or sometime in the future.  Some are modest and inexpensive to complete, while others are a bit more time consuming but solid investments. Depending upon your budget and time constraints, here are a few suggestions:

·         Creating new space

  As a rule, improvements that increase the functional space of a home hold their value longer than ones that just make a house look better. It's also significantly less expensive than adding an addition to your home. Converting an attic into a bedroom suite, for example, usually returns 77% of its cost.  Turning your basement into a room for socializing will allow you to recoup 75% of your costs.*

·         New kitchen

  Recent studies have shown that a remodeled kitchen will give you approx 90% of your cost of investment returned.  Also, with many homes on the market today, a newly renovated home will attract buyers faster than a home that needs updating.  Simple improvements include changing the knobs/handles on cabinet doors/drawers or replacing dated wallpaper.  Moderate improvements include re-facing or painting cabinets, replacing dated linoleum with ceramic tile or laminate flooring, changing countertops or adding custom window treatments.  Designing and installing a new kitchen may not be as daunting and costly as you might think.  The mid-range kitchen overhaul nationally recouped 78% of its cost. *

·         New bathroom

 Adding an extra bathroom with all the trimmings — marble vanity top, molded sink, bathtub with shower and ceramic tile — almost pays for itself. A midrange full-bath remodeling job in the U.S. generally recoups 78% of the costs. A midrange full-bath new addition generally recoups 66% of its cost.  If a new bath is out of the question, consider fresh paint, a new bead of caulk around the bath and shower and painting / repairing the grout.*

·         Fresh coat of paint inside and out

  Nothing compares to a fresh coat of paint.  Make sure to go the extra mile and do the prep work necessary to make the finish shine. Consider dressing things up with some faux finish techniques which can make a dynamic change with a small budget.

·         Power wash the exterior

  A fresh cleaning of the siding, deck work and pavement can make a huge difference.

·         Install crown or picture frame moldings in key rooms

  Dressing up a dining room with crown and chair rail molding with picture frame moldings under the chair rail can really transform a room for a minimal investment.

* Source: Remodeling Magazine.

  We hope you find this information insightful and informative and I welcome any remodeling questions you may have.  You can also feel free to contact me for a referral for qualified tradesman from a variety of different fields (plumbing, electrical, landscaping etc.). Please visit our website to see our latest accomplishments and the services we offer. 

Wishing you and your family a very happy and healthy holiday season!


Best Regards,

Kevin Sime

KS Restorations & Home Improvements



P.S. I would also like to offer everyone a special discount of $500 off any custom bathroom and $1000 off any custom kitchen.  Please mention this newsletter when you call for an estimate.





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